Engagement: Allison + Beth Anne

Central Park and the Brooklyn Bridge in New York, New York

In Allison + Beth Anne's words: 

"We were extremely impressed by Kelly's professionalism. She had researched each area in advance to get a better understanding of the locations. There was no length she wouldn't go to for the right angle or photo; she managed to capture photos of us amidst huge crowds of people that make it look like we are the only ones in the Park or on the Brooklyn Bridge. While having her own artistic vision, she was completely amenable to our requests and incorporated all of our ideas and preferences. We received proofs via email that were optimized for digital sharing and printing within a few days of the shoot. They were outstanding in terms of clarity, quality, color, and the sentiment they captured. Most importantly, working with Kelly from the planning stages of the shoot through her sending us the pictures afterwards was a seamless experience. She made us feel so comfortable while photographing us; our true smiles, laughs, and personalities are what shines through in every photo."